A trade in a particular stock at a price lower than the trade immediately preceding it. On U.S. stock exchanges, you cannot sell a stock short on a downtick. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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downtick down‧tick [ˈdaʊntɪk] noun [countable]
1. FINANCE the sale of a security at a price lower than the original or earlier price:

• The short sale was barred at the 4 pm closing price during the regular session because it was on a downtick.

• The New York Stock Exchange's downtick rule seeks to stabilize the market by curbing stock index arbitrage trades.

2. ECONOMICS a small or gradual decrease in the amount of something:
downtick in

• In the U.S. we have come to expect companies to lay off workers at every downtick in the economy.

• a downtick in profits

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downtick UK US /ˈdaʊntɪk/ noun [C]
a small reduction in the number or level of something: »

Last week's accident caused barely a downtick in travel-agency airline bookings.

(also minus tick) STOCK MARKET, FINANCE a price or offer on a stock that is lower than the previous price at which the stock was sold: »

CNBC correspondents somberly reported each downtick in stock prices.

Compare UPTICK(Cf. ↑uptick)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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